Yes, we are going to give it a try Friday morning at the Hidden Creek Golf Course. If you can make this live meeting we will conform to the current regulations regarding masks, and wear our masks and social distancing.
     We are allowed to have up to 25 members in the room at Hidden Creek dining room. I suspect this first meeting will be way less than 25, however, we must not violate this rule. Accordingly, this means we need to MAKE RESERVATIONS. Lisa Keese has graciously agreed to coordinate our Attendance. If you are planning to attend live, please call Lisa and register your name for the meeting. Call or Text her at 817-233-9226, or email her at  
     We will order off of the menu for breakfast and the club will pay for your meal. 
     This will be our first time together for a long time. I realize this is short notice, but if you are unable to attend in person, we will have a ZOOM conference available. Use the same ZOOM credentials; 597-507-8182  with passcode 12345.
     I look forward to seeing you this Friday, Sept 11th, at the Hidden Creek Golf Course. 
Russell Hampton
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